Time Money

Repair Yourself Cafe 2014-05-025Los Angeles is known for a concentration of celebrities, Beverly Hills and the endless amount of Rags-to-Riches tales. The city also inhabits a large concentration of creative minds so you can find a counter-culture for every existing culture. In this case the counter-culture of “Time IS Money” is “Time AS Money” – also know as TimeBank.

TimeBanks USA was formed in 1995 to promote TimeBanking. Their mission is to nurture and expand a TimeBanking movement that promotes equality and
builds caring community economies through inclusive exchanges of time and talents.

In the trailer for an upcoming documentary about TimeBanks you will notice Nadine as a very active member:

One of Nadine’s first activities after our return to Los Angeles was to take the lead, together with Therese Brummel, for the second installation of the Time Bank event “Repair Yourself Café”.  This year’s Repair Yourself Café offered a buffet of wellness tips and Mind-Body practices from local wellness practitioners and timebankers including: yoga, meditation, reiki, art therapy, Sukyo Mahikari, massages, tea ceremony, the healing power of spices and more. More than 15 practitioners offered their services to about 60 visitors during the 3 hours event in exchange for “Time Dollars”.



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