What actually happened in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong 2014-02-025We are in Taiwan since 2 days. But, what actually happened in Hong Kong?

First, we almost didn’t go but then we did. And then Nadine almost got a job but then she didn’t..

One week before leaving for Hong Kong we couldn’t find any acceptable accommodation for our budget and we were contemplating to skip this stop. Then we checked AirBnB for a last time and got lucky: We found a new listing for an apartment right in the center for $35/night. For Hong Kong, that’s a steal! So we booked. The place turned out to be a cute little apartment with a window towards a quiet park in Sheung Wan. From here we could easily explore the inner city and reach the ferry to Kowloon by foot.

We liked Hong Kong immediately: The city easily grew on us in no time. We loved strolling through the streets and watching the daily life, searching the alleys for noddle and dim sum places, hiking the mountains in the south of the island, or taking the Star Ferry over the river to watch the illuminated city skyline by night.

On one of our excursions we walked by “La Creperie – A little breeze of Brittany in Hong Kong”. It turned out that they were hiring a new chef offering “a very competitive salary with bonus and a 13th month”. Since Nadine is “the best Crepe maker ever born in Brittany” we saw her already getting the job and us settling down in HK. But then we remembered that Nadine had developed an allergy to buckwheat and therefore working in a creperie isn’t really an option anymore.

So we decided to keep traveling but definitely marked Hong Kong as a place to keep an eye on…


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