Arriving in Myanmar

2013-12-007We are already back online! We arrived in Yangon / Myanmar last night and found the city way more modern as we expected. Myanmar develops at such a rapid pace that 2 month old information is already not reliable any more. Blogs from last year’s high season had made us questioning our decision to visit Myanmar at this time of the year. However, budget accommodation, transportation, access to money – the 3 things that long term travelers are concerned about – seem to be widely available. Payments for transportation and sightseeing are mostly accepted in local currency which can be acquired from a constantly growing network of ATM machines around the country. 12 month ago these payments had to be made in flawless looking US dollar bills which had to be carried into the country.  We will find out how the situation is outside of Yangon but for now we enjoy the food at the local “beer station”, stroll through random streets, pay our tribute to the spectacular touristic sites and marvel over ATM machines and free internet at the Shwedagon Pagoda –  the single most important religious site in all of Myanmar.


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