Our Bedouin Life

Little Petra 2013-11-002

We spent the last 6 days with Nawwaf, a Bedouin born and raised in the caves of the ancient city of Petra, Jordan.Now he lives in a small village in Little Petra, a few kilometers outside the protected area. We agreed to help him with his Olive harvest and a new web site for his tour business in exchange for housing and food and a night in the desert.

Every night he welcomed Couch Surfers as well as members of his family and Bedouin friends for a traditional Bedouin dinner. We exchanged travel stories and Bedouin history, discussed politics and the world, and one night Nawwaf read from his own poetry.

There are still 35 families living in the caves of Petra and we met some of the members at Nawwaf’s house as well as during our visit in Petra.


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