Taste the Goodness

Chibuku brewery 2013-09-014

Our last Servas hosts in Malawi were Ramona and Gerald Bowler. Gerald is the Operations Director of Chibuku, the local beer brewery.

Nadine and our host Ramona, to the right.

Nadine and our host Ramona, to the right.

Malawi’s local beer is not a regular beer; it is a traditional alcoholic drink created through fermentation of white maize and sorghum. The fermentation is started in the factory and continues in the package. The drink is distributed in paper cartons or plastic bottles. Since the fermentation process is ongoing the drink has to be consumed in 5 days after packaging before it turns bad.

Chibuku is a very nourishing drink with low alcohol content and we were told that it is also popular as breakfast all over Africa.



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