Wade’s cousin’s friend’s parent’s daughter-in-law’s parents…

Howick & Umngeni (76)-001

South Africa was a great experience in hospitality and spontaneous traveling for us.

Wade's cousin's friend's parents Chris and Karend

Wade’s cousin’s friend’s parents Chris and Karend

enjoying our last sunset in South Africa

enjoying our last sunset in South Africa

We did not prepare a travel itinerary and followed the suggestions of our hosts. Besides the two hosts Susannita and Tracy from the Servas network we were lucky to spend fun times with Darryl, the cousin of a travel connection, in Cape Town and Chris and Karen, the parents of Darryl’s friend Sam, and even spent a night at the father of Chris and Karen’s daughter-in-law in Durban. We also stayed at backpacker places run by couples
from Germany, Swiss, France, and England who found their place in life in South Africa. All visits were full of insights into the life in South Africa and showed us a country of large cultural contrasts, beautiful diversity and plentiful opportunities.



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