Oscar Wilde rides the bus in Lima

bus tickets 2013-03-024We are getting used to cruise around Lima in little minibuses in different states of destruction. One guy in the door advertises the bus route, squeezes as many people as possible can fit inside the bus, collects money and waves to the traffic around to create a path that his partner on the wheel, gas paddle and horn aggressively follows. If handed a Sole note the collector leans out of the window of the racing bus to check for watermarks against the sun. In return for payment you receive little paper tickets which come in all colors and designs. To our surprise the first one we bought included a quote from Oscar Wilde: “El trabajo es el refugio de los que no tienen nada que hacer. – Work is a refuge of people who have nothing better to do.” We had just bought our ticket to the world for 2.00 Sole!


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