Who’s next?

We left Los Angeles over 12 month ago to engage in other cultures and refresh our view of the world. We got to participate in local communities through work for professional and non-profit start-ups. All around the world we encountered the kindness of strangers who opened their homes to offer us accommodation and share their meals. Our families and friends in Europe and the US followed our adventures and supported us through comments and e-mails. We made new friends on the way who joined the support team. Every day was a new discovery and we thank all of you for being part of this adventure.

your window into our world on the road

your window into our world on the road

We were fortunate in the midst of our lives to have the resources and energy to go on this journey. We experienced the world as a beautiful place and the human society as a wonderful mind.

We would love to keep sharing our experiences through publications and public talks. So that’s what we are working on now.

Also, we hope that some of you will pick up a backpack and follow our example – it doesn’t have to be for 12 month. Just remember to post pictures so all of us can look through this little window into a world far away from our daily lives …


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