PanKam – the highlight of our Myanmar trip

PanKam 2013-12-015A 5 hour hike brought us from Hsipaw to the mountain village PanKam, passing several small villages and beautiful landscapes on the way. We found the young wife of the headman who spoke well English and introduced us to her mother-in-law to stay for the night. Since we arrived early in the afternoon we were offered lunch which contained authentic Myanmar dishes. Lunch, dinner and breakfast the next morning were all cooked over the open fire in the middle of the common room and was the most delicious food we had during our entire stay in Myanmar. At night our host brought us to the neighbor’s house where the family was processing fresh tea leaves by steaming them and afterwards crushing them with their hands on a bamboo sieve.

After a hardy breakfast we made our way back to Hsipaw while the sun pierced through the early morning mist.


1 thought on “PanKam – the highlight of our Myanmar trip

  1. Hello!I am Estela,a 25 years old spanish girl travelling to Birmania this month of August . I was doing some research and found out about your blog and absolutely loved it. It is being a great help to organize my trip.I would love to go to Pankan,I would like to know if you could give me some more info about it such as how did you get there,how many days would you recommend me to stay and how did you find such an amazing hosts!
    Thank you so much for your time and dedication to help fellow travellers
    Best regards

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