The Minister of Culture of Assos

Assos 2013-10-008

We spent our last 3 days on the Aegean Coast at Behramkale, during ancient times also known as Assos.

the Minister did not talk about this chicken

the Minister did not talk about this chicken

When we entered a tea salon for a glass of tea we were waved over by an older gentleman who introduced himself as the Minister of Culture of the village with 600 inhabitants. He informed us that fresco from Assos’ ancient sites are displayed in museums all over the world, that the old village was sold out to foreigners and that Behramkale inhabits as many cats as unemployed men. That must have been the most important information for strangers like us because afterwards he fell silent.

We felt that we had paid our dues to ancient sites after Ephesus and Bergama and opted for the beautiful little fisher port, a swim in the crystal clear water and climbing over the fence into the temple ruins for a magnificent view of the sunset.


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