Getting busy in Malawi

Blantyre & Benbows 2013-08-025We settled in Blantyre / Malawi for 4 weeks to support different projects of Servas Malawi. 

Servas Malawi social evening

Servas Malawi social evening

In June we approached Demelza Benbow, Servas Malawi very resourceful National Secretary, to offer our help . She sent us back a 4 weeks (!) schedule with multiple projects to join forces. – Look out for upcoming posts.

While working on the projects we stay with local hosts who have little to none experience hosting foreign travelers. It is a great opportunity for us to encounter Malawi hospitality and learn about Malawian culture and contemporary life. We contribute by giving a PowerPoint presentation about our Los Angeles life to our hosts, cook, bake and share meals with the families, visit our host’s work places and join them in social activities.


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