The Penhalonga Mountains

Chimoio & Panhalonga 2013-08-010

Our last stop in Mozambique was the mountain region of Penhalonga bordering Zimbabwe. We wanted to see more than only the beautiful beaches and jumped on the opportunity to rent a house in a small mountain village in Penhalonga for a weekend.

The first 1 1/2 hours ride in a mini bus I was squeezed in next to a tall African who constantly nipped from a flask of cheap whisky (it is 8 o’clock in the morning)  and listened to music from a Samsung tablet computer which screen was scattered in pieces.

After switching transportation, waiting 1 hour to fill up the minivan, 1 hour on dirt road and 1 more hour hike we reached our destination: A beautiful house built by a European UN worker in a remote village, managed by a local family.

Here we spent a few wonderful days with beautiful sunrises and sunsets and hikes to waterfalls and an abandoned villa in the forest with a magical botanic garden.


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