Tasting Wine and Cheese in Cafayate / Salta

Salta and Cafayate 060-001Everybody had highly recommended the northern landscapes of Argentina just
south of the Bolivian border. But when we arrived we had to discover that everything looks like a mix of California, Arizona and South Utah. So we decided to stick with our initial plan and headed south to Cafayate. Here we spent a few days tasting wines from different vineyards and cheese from the local goat farm.

Cafayate is the center of Argentina’s second largest wine region. The desert landscape, high altitude and extreme temperature difference between day and night create a very special environment for some excellent wines.

The local specialty is Torrontés, a white wine which we discovered for us. Nadine was also very excited about the local Malbec which is very different from the usually know Malbec from Mendoza.

After visiting the bodegas in town we decided to hike to the highly recommended bodega Domingo Molina 6 km outside of town. Underestimating the distance we arrived trenched in sweat 10 minutes before closing time. The lady of the house was not excited to have visitors so late but after we told her that we walked all the way from town  up the hill she offered to let us taste at least 2 of their wines. We got to pick the 2 we came for: Torrontés and Malbec.

After a little chat about Californian wines and our new discovery, the Torrontés, she became very friendly and left us the bottles on the table to serve ourselves. So we enjoyed our last sunset in Cafayate with 2 nice bottles of wine.

Disclaimer: We want to thank our sponsor Domingo Molina. Go and buy their wine! http://www.klwines.com/detail.asp?sku=1126547

San Pedro de Yacochuya is the neighboring vineyard and not bad either:)


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