Crossing the picket line

Salar de Uyuni 2013-05-017Protests and road blockades are intensifying all over Bolivia.
All major unions request a retirement plan equivalent to 100% of their average
workers salary. This is what is currently given to any military employee. The
unions are not willing to negotiate so the government does not see a reason to
talk. The road blocks, created by the protesters to enforce the demands, are
ignored by the government and are now starting to hurt the population which
becomes a problem for the unions. Therefore blockades are opened on weekends.
In some cities like Potosi blockades are only during “office hours” – 8am to 6pm.

We decided to travel only in the evening and over night and make sure we arrive before the blockades go up again. Sometimes we still run into a road block where we have to leave the bus and walk through the picket line. This happens usually peaceful since the
protesters have no issue with tourists. However, the scenery at he blocks does remind a civil war and we make sure to pass fast.


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