Country of Revolutionaries

IMG_6748-001We are back in La Paz hoping to make it over night to Sucre by bus. Everywhere in Bolivia are strikes and street blockades interrupt transportation randomly. Riot police is controlling the streets of La Paz and traffic is locked down in the center. Fortunately, what sounds like plenty of gun shots is only firework – Bolivians seem to like underscore their opinion this way.

We will see if our bus leaves the terminal and if we make it all he way to Sucre or if we have to walk around the blockades. Never a dull moment in Bolivia!


We made it to Sucre! Just before the city our bus had to stop and we had to walk through a new blockade. It was only a 5 minutes walk. Everybody was very friendly and we could take a minibus behind the blockade to ride into the city.

The strike is about tax: The transport companies want to deduct gasoline costs 100% from their tax but the government wants to keep at least a little bit.  A few days ago the miners decided to join the strike with their own agenda in regards to tax and income regulations.



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