La Paz

2013-04-031After a relaxed day on the Peruvian part of Lake Titicaca we decided to move on to La Paz. Here we spent a day cruising travel agencies for flights to the Amazon basin and tours into the jungle. Finally we found a nice travel agent couple who could offer us the right tour for the right price. We’ll be heading towards Rurrenabaque and the jungle tomorrow. We also took the opportunity to get some insights into La Paz via a free guided tour organized by a few young locals who are happy to share their view of La Paz.

On our way to La Paz we met Liam and Jam, world travelers from the UK who are on their last leg of a 14 month trip. We explored the city together and exchanged travel experiences. We had fun talking about Nadine and my anticipations of our upcoming adventures while they were looking forward to the known comforts back home.

Here are a few first impressions from La Paz:


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