Tai Chi guidance for the road

My Tai Chi teacher Sifu Sun Anguang allowed me to record him performing the Chen and Yang style long form routine. I want to continue practicing Tai Chi during our trip. The recordings should help me as a guidance.

I feel very honored that I got the privilege of these recordings.

For anybody in Los Angeles who wants to learn any style of Tai Chi I can only recommend Sifu Sun Anguang’s Tai Chi Academy in Alhambra. Say Hello from me when you go!

“I have so much junk!”

We thought we had cleaned out our boxes during the last move. However, there is always more you can get rid off.

When you set your mind to travel for a year with carry-on only you can’t believe all the “junk” you collected over the years and carried around with you.

Last night at a dinner somebody asked us where we would send things to. “Things””didn’t register with us right away. She was talking about the collectibles we would acquire on our trip. We never thought about this. Our mind is set to reduce ballast. Our home is a virtual place for the next year and collecting items to decorate a future physical home didn’t cross our mind.

I guess we deal with it when we cross this bridge.

Real Los Angelinos

Now we are real Los Angelinos. We rent a storage!

It seems to me that one step to become a Los Angelino is to own a storage with a bunch of boxes and garbage that you don’t even remember. While everybody comes to LA to move on and up most people have a problem to let go. While reaching to the stars they are bugged down by the ballast of their past.

Let’s wait and see what will happen to us.

I spent some time to research how to access our Netflix account from outside the US using VPN servers. Very interesting from a strategic point of view. But then again: Why? Wasn’t the trip all about shaking it up and moving on?

Mittens moves out

Our cat Mittens moved to our friends Carsten, Colette and their son Simon. Anticipating that Nadine and I will be stressed out and not paying enough attention to her until our departure in 2 weeks she decided to move her belongings today. From her new home she will follow our travel blog while enjoying the comfortable life in Southern California. We are happy that she found such great hosts! And she made already a new friend!