The gear is here!

Last week we spend boxing, selling and trashing our current belongings. Today, eight days before our departure, we started buying our gear. After months of research and checking out equipment we have our shopping list ready to be executed. I’m not  going into the details. Anything you need to know about packing for an Around-the-World trip you can find at Voyage autour du monde, Never Ending Voyage, Ridiculously Extraordinary or Thinking Nomads.

I’m just saying: We are getting close!

Garage sale

Second day of  our garage sale. Almost everything is sold!

Yesterday morning the professional vultures were already waiting in their cars in front of our house watching us  carrying out our treasures. Watches, gold jewelry and computer parts were in demand – nothing we could provide. The vultures made room for the treasure hunters who were followed by the bargain hunters and eventually the late risers.

iPhone apps where used to scan ISBN book barcodes to identify a bargain, a local photo student came by to take pictures for a school project and an older Mexican gentleman shopped for little gifts to bring home to family and friends. While a set of liquor glasses will pretty soon board a plane with the Mexican gentleman our radiator made it only into the cold basement of our neighbor.

Tai Chi guidance for the road

My Tai Chi teacher Sifu Sun Anguang allowed me to record him performing the Chen and Yang style long form routine. I want to continue practicing Tai Chi during our trip. The recordings should help me as a guidance.

I feel very honored that I got the privilege of these recordings.

For anybody in Los Angeles who wants to learn any style of Tai Chi I can only recommend Sifu Sun Anguang’s Tai Chi Academy in Alhambra. Say Hello from me when you go!

“I have so much junk!”

We thought we had cleaned out our boxes during the last move. However, there is always more you can get rid off.

When you set your mind to travel for a year with carry-on only you can’t believe all the “junk” you collected over the years and carried around with you.

Last night at a dinner somebody asked us where we would send things to. “Things””didn’t register with us right away. She was talking about the collectibles we would acquire on our trip. We never thought about this. Our mind is set to reduce ballast. Our home is a virtual place for the next year and collecting items to decorate a future physical home didn’t cross our mind.

I guess we deal with it when we cross this bridge.